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LK Production has devised a new concept to promote new European designers abroad.

We provide the opportunity for new designers to emigrate worldwide, to get them known in the United States.

We wish to discover young new talents which will be the designers of tomorrow. As part of this project, we would like to hold talent competitions to select candidates best suited for this line of work.

Chosen candidates will get the opportunity to fly to Miami to present their collection.

The concept consists of identifying new fashion designers from Paris and promote a select few abroad, namely in Miami.

Lea KISS holds an extensive list of contacts from the Floridian world of Fashion which is used to promote new talent.

The selection process will be held in Paris then a cast will be organized. Once the cast is complete, a fashion show will be held in Paris to showcase collections before a jury of professionals.

The latter along with Lea will be responsible for selecting the most talented and bring them to Miami.

The aim this year is to promote a minimum of 12 designers. The chosen designer will travel to Miami for a period of two months.

The month will be split in 4 weeks:

First Week:

-Discovering the city of Miami, it's shops and potential future buyers and clients.

-Establish a collection in the showroom at the designer's discretion.

Second Week:

-Meet and greet with potential buyers and clients.

Third Week:

-Fashion show organization throughout the week in the presence of business professionals and buyers.

-Designer sales which will be held on-site, and perhaps continue throughout the following week.

-The designer will have to provide future buyers a collection catalog or samples of each prototype.

Fourth Week: (after the fashion show)

-Showroom exhibit, live sales, orders. Lasts 3 days.

Clauses importante:

LK Production is committed to grant the designer, once in Miami:

-A fashion show
-All business contacts

Moreover, LK Production will not finance the designer's traveling expenses to Miami, but will recommend a package deal which includes:

-Round-trip ticket to Miami
-A Hotel Room
-Complete Pension

The designer shall decide for himself or herself whether to accept the proposed package deal or to make his or her own traveling arrangements.

LK Production will take care of finding sponsors in Miami.

In Paris, fashion designers will be able to find their own sponsors if they so desire.

CNN, ABC, VH1, E!, Comedy central, MTV, TeleMundo, etc..

To name a few, are television stations which can all be used to broadcast advertisement if the designer so chooses.

Any cost incurred from advertising and broadcasting will be at the designer's expense.

In Paris, LK Production will be in charge of: 

-Flyer designs
-Finding locations to hold Fashion Shows

The designer may also promote his/her project, broadcast his/her own advertisement campaigns, share his contacts and invite people in the business.

In Miami, LK Production will be in charge of the entire promotion of the project.

-Flyer distribution
-VIP List
-Complete event organization

In Paris, a model casting will be organized at the designer's discretion.

Furthermore, LK Production does not impose it's own models. The designer is free to choose any models.

The cost of models is not paid by our society. That said, we can hire non-professional models. A coach will be available to help.

In Miami, all models and the runway will be the responsibility of LK Production..

The location of the venue will propose a package for the designer which will include:

-The Show Room
-The Chamber
-50% off meals
-Round trip flight plan

This package will be at the designer's expense.

To ensure the event runs a smooth as possible, we suggest that our designers stay at the hotel.

The designer will be busy promoting and presenting his/her collection.

A period of 1 month per designer will be necessary to ensure a successful campaign.

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