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Michael Shivers blends Folk, Alternative and Rock genres in creating a signature sound that is almost impossible to dismiss. Born in Hoboken, NJ, his father is Irish and his mother from New York. In the early days of his childhood, at the age of 3, Michael found a lifelong friend in music. But it wasn't until his adolescence, at the age of 14, that he also found solace in it.

In following his new found passion, Michael wrote, Always The Same; the first of twenty additional songs that would soundtrack his most poignant, teenage years. Influenced by such industry artists who include Ray Lamontagne, James Taylor, Billy Joel and John Lennon, Michael uses his music to inspire his growing fan-base to ascension. His writing serves not only as a therapeutic method of healing himself, but also as stimulation for his listeners to get lost and found in the effect of his lyrics.

Performing at an array of expo, festival and cafe venues across the country, Michael has garnered acclaim for his lyrical and musical styles. Taking the first place position on a MySpace poll that forged him into headlining a showcase at Eddie's Attic, Michael has also been privileged to play live during radio interview sessions and art festivals around the country.

The intimacy, warmth and naked truth that is revealed through his songs stems from the lifelong trials, tribulations and triumphs that have shaped his character and human nature. Ultimately, as time progresses, Michael aspires to reach a broader audience of listeners. As he continues to write, record, perform and produce, Michael desires to reach a career high of traveling the world and collaborating alongside other solidified artists. Embracing his fans for fueling the fire that has ignited his path, Michael Shivers is on the pulse of critical and commercial success.

Michael Shivers - Seven Scores

Michael Shivers - Rise Above

Michael Shivers - Dolores

Michael Shivers - Ghost in The Dark

Michael Shivers - One

Michael Shivers - Breaking Silent

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